Listening to Linkbait

Good ideas come in many shapes and sizes. The ideas that matter, however, are those that are actively evaluated and employed.

Linkbaiting, despite its unseemly name, is an idea that matters. It combines the economics of information on the Internet with the best practice of exceptional customer service. It’s Seth Godin meets Peter Drucker. It drives customers to your website with no variable cost. It quickly connects consumers with information.

Linkbaiting is the umbrella term for the range of techniques that attracts links to your Web site.  And while links of all kinds are the medium of the Web, linkbaiting draws a disproportionately large number of links without cash payment.  Linkbaiting matters because, when done effectively, it drives improvement in search engine ranking, web traffic and visitors.

Here are a few linkbaiting techniques that work (with examples and links to effective linkbait content):

One caution to linkbaiting novices: use linkbaiting for the long run. Getting someone to come to your site once, visit one page and leave disappointed does little for your business. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.