…Ten Months Later…

Its very hard to believe, but “Soon to Be a Major Trend” hasn’t fed any new ideas to the blogosphere in the past ten months.

First off, its good to see the Web in general and the blogosophere in particular has survived without my contributions. Whew.

Second, there are so many other distractions in this world. Family is a great one. Twitter and Facebook are effective distractions but less great. I do admit to dabble with each on a professional and social level.

Third, I still have ideas–lots of them–worth blogging about. Marketing automation is a recent fascination for me. I have a lot of great stories (fact-based, of course) as a result of the success of Appcelerator’s use of compelling content, one to many communications, and measurement of web behavior. Enterprise software moving to the cloud and business models moving to subscriptions are other important topics. And, content, as always, is key. During the year I have toyed with video, audio and javascript to augment the written word.

One final thought for all of you: the fuel for blogs are comments. Think about it. If you have a nice meal with good service in America, you leave a tip. Now extend this metaphor to blogs.  If you read a blog that informs, inspires or amuses, please leave a comment.

So, kind readers, join the conversation. What do you want to hear about?  Comments welcome.